My Identity

My Identity
A Third Culture Kid (TCK) sat in the back seats on the top floor of a double decker bus in Hong Kong, 2015

“As a Third Culture Kid (TCK) with a Taiwanese heritage, UK and HK citizenship, and an American (correction: International) twang, she doesn't fit in the boxes people try to put her in. However, she's still passionate about connecting with people.” — Sasha Chapin

Hey friends —

I’m Beccy, an Occupational Psychologist, Community Builder and Content Creator.

What I’m Working On

  1. 💻  As an Occupational Psychologist I study organisational design and leadership development challenges in the emerging web3 world. I solve problems such as how to build a thriving and innovative contributor culture, and do this by (as the Brits say) “getting stuck in”—I’m a Contributor at an online writing collective called Foster (a YCombinator startup), where I help build community and culture aka “vibes”.
  2. 🧪  I consult on psychometric assessments for occupational use with a VC-backed startup, UHubs. I originally trained in the most widely used corporate assessment, the Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ) for six years under the industry thought leader of psychometric testing, SHL.
  3. 🧠  I design personal development exercises based on various models of personality such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI, colloquially referred to as the ‘16 personalities’ test). If you are interested in collaborating on these exercises and open to talking about your personality, I would love to hear from you. Check out my free exercise here.
  4. ✍️  I write personal stories about healing, culture and personality. Every two weeks I share some reflections from recent life experiences with the Foster community. I cover heart-wrenching topics like how I discovered grace, struggled with the model minority myth, and discovered the wisdom of personality typology after heartbreak—profoundly changing my stance in science. Multicultureland, a public newsletter with an educational focus on modern identities and the human mind launched on May 1st 2022.


  1. 👜  In my first corporate job (2008-2014) I moonlighted on a side hustle. I taught myself some basic HTML and started a diddly online bag shop called CosyCameras to help serious photographers take their DSLRs out more often. I then “stuck it to the man” and launched my own tech bag brand called Mooli London, trading desk life to work with scummy factories in the sweltering Asia heat. This paved the way for an invitation to play with fire at Dragons’ Den.
  2. 👩🏻‍🍳  I took a year-long career break in 2019 to pursue my passion for food and drink, during which I made non-stop spicy tuna rolls under Gordon Ramsey’s right-hand man at a post restaurant called 'Lucky Cat', sold steaming-hot BAO buns from a wooden shack, shook cocktails in speakeasies and operated a pedal-powered coffee cart.
  3. 🎵  I enjoy playing piano and guitar, and singing covers of songs from indie folk/pop/rock bands. In my Nickleback inspired, “wanna be a rockstar'' moments, I post videos on TikTok of myself practicing guitar beneath the liquor shelf in the kitchen.

Get In Touch

I am open to making friends. The best way to connect with me is on Twitter :) Come and say hi!

Multicultureland is a weekly newsletter written by Beccy Lee about modern identities, dedicated to helping you become who you are. Beccy is a Third Culture Kid and Occupational Psychologist specialising in culture & personality.

“Who Am I?” is a deeply introspective question that we all ask at some point in our lives. This newsletter is for people like me who are keen to figure it out. I believe we all have hidden stories to uncover that have the power to transform us and our relationships.

Multicultureland aims to educate and entertain readers—Beccy writes personal stories, shares lessons and exercises that she has found helpful for self-discovery and personal development. Where social science meets wisdom, Beccy is a 'psychologist on a mission' to raise the collective unconscious in the modern world.